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Skaists dārzs ir labas dzīves pamats!

Different models


Shady place

There is a place in every garden where sun does not shine at all or shines only for few hours. For such corners to look attractive, choose plants with large, thick leaves, what are accustomed to grow in underwoods beneath the trees. One of them is Hosta, perennial with decorative foliage, 30-40cm high. It blossoms in July, August, September, likes humidity. Can grow in one place for long time without transplantation.


Corner created in Japanese style

This natural corner is created in Japanese style. Even simlpe and natural forms of conifers can be converted beyond recognition, so changing the style of garden. Such plants look good just like in mountain landscape! The garden will be arrayed with peculiar trees with curly hairstyle. Alongside them is established rock composition. The real tea garden lanterns must be forged from stone.


Sunny place

Planting bed for dry and sunny corner of the garden. Select plants what are adapted to life in poor, sandy soils. Here fits blue fescue (festuca cinerea) which all season has decorative foliage, bloody gerany (geranium sanguineum), little thyme (thymus serpyllum), etc.


Rootstock rose gates

There are formed elegant rootstock rose gates in soft pastel colors. Courtyard is the most used part of the garden, so it should look beautiful and tempting in all seasons. 

Carefully thought selection of plants from early spring until autumn. Containers of plants can be added to composition.  Perennials, planted in pots, we prefer to place in room during winter.


Garden walkway

Little accents can also wake romantic mood. In this case – the garden walkway of stone plates.


Stone edge

This planting bed is on slope, created by embankment, elevated planting bed. It`s edge is made of the limestone plates, creating a wall. It is beneficial to highly demanding plants. If the wall is creating a half-shadow, I choose plants that grows well in such conditions.
Planted conifers of different shapes – higher stem and spreading, circular and yellow, creating a peaceful and balanced mood.


Meditative garden plans.
Water, stone and flowers.