Before you resort to shovel, you need a carefully designed garden plan. 
Garden is designed over the years and every mistake can be corrected.


I offer the basic plans, drawn on the graph paper with a simple scale (1 box- 1 meter). Different sketches are made to arrive to right option. I record all the ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem. When the most important things in the plan are invented, arranged logically and harmonious, each preferred flower bed or holiday corner is developed in more detail.


The new garden layout is shown in the main plan, groups of plantations are highlighted. Several copies of the plan can be made and then you can safely take it in the garden without fear to ruffle or smudge it.


I develop projects for various objects:


Marking the living garden, topography in the plan

Garden plan costs

180 – 460 EUR


Detailed layout of hollows

20 -100 EUR


Meeting, site visit



Measurements in the garden:

25-100 EUR


If a topographic or land map is available, measurements are not required


The garden plan consists of:

(a) plant layout, beds, vegetable garden, orchards, gazebos, paths, watering, ponds, fountains, etc.

(b) an annex with a list of plants and photographs, a description, the nearest nurseries, the coordinates of the craftsmen’s cooperation partners, eg craftsmen, blacksmiths, sculptors, etc.