Different models

Garden flower bed edging, handmade. Ancient Latvian style.

The master of ceramics Mārtiņš is not only able to preserve traditions, but also to bring to the sun long-forgotten dishwashing techniques, which make an ordinary clay pitch a real work of art. Ceramic products have been known in Latvia since the 5th century ago In our era, but only around the second half of the 10th century, pottery began to be made on potters’ discs and fired to give them strength and they should be watertight.


Each region has its own tradition of making pottery, which can be called county pottery schools.
Mārtiņš’s works are in the style of Vidzeme peasants.


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Shady place

The large leaves are beautiful, they could be an accent in the darker corners.

There is a place in every garden where sun does not shine at all or shines only for few hours. For such corners to look attractive, choose plants with large, thick leaves, what are accustomed to grow in underwoods beneath the trees. One of them is Hosta, perennial with decorative foliage, 30-40cm high. It blossoms in July, August, September, likes humidity. Can grow in one place for long time without transplantation.

Corner created in Japanese style

Pond greenery with a Japanese touch.

Under the birches

Birch is a “selfish” tree. Nothing really wants to grow under it. It is possible that blue lupins could spread under them.

Wooden footbridge

Even small accents can create a romantic mood. In this case, a garden footbridge made of wooden boards.


Driveway with a beautifully trimmed alley.

An apple hedge is one of the options for isolating yourself from your neighbors.

Will give the garden a modern view.

Wicker fence.

Rock gardens

Thymus go well with stones and wild carnations.

In sunny places, good-looking stones with small conifers, as well as with rock plants…

Vīteņu atbalsti

Meditative garden plans