Traditions that have survived to the present day

Modern wooden country houses, which are based on long architectural traditions and made by hand, are of high quality and durable, so we chose to follow this year-tested path. There are many greenhouses to choose from, but we didn’t want to create, for example, already similar aluminum and metal greenhouses, for environmental and design reasons, but to go our own way and return to wood with already tested values.



Choice of colors and accessories


For our wooden glass greenhouses, customers can choose the size, color and appearance. It is also possible to choose roof gutters and shelves for the greenhouse. The special design and choice of color tones create opportunities for customers to integrate the greenhouse into the construction of private houses in cities and suburbs, at the same time making it an architectural and design element.



Choice of color tones

Standard color tones


Light green




Other shades of color can be made to individual order.



Choice of decorations



Decoration “Tulip”




Decoration “Sun”



Decoration “Thunder”




Decoration “Lily”

Other decorations can be made to individual order.



Wood treatment and maintenance


A special wood protection system Flugger EWT (Extreme Weather Tecgnology) is used to treat the wooden parts of the greenhouse, which means that the wood is treated with a 3-layer protection system (oil, primer and topcoat). Wood is a living, organic material that can be damaged by rot, fungi, wind and, especially water, as well as UV radiation from the sun. Wood that is not adequately protected from prolonged exposure to moisture develops harmful microorganisms that cause wood-decomposing decay processes. Thanks to the EWT protection system, greenhouse wood is protected from spoilage. The water-based paints used are environmentally friendly – the manufacturer “Flugger” has obtained 3 ECO certificates (“Environmental Management System ISO 14001”, “Nordic Swan Ecolabel”, “US green Building Council”). The Danish manufacturer Flugger paints and wood protection systems are designed for use in the Scandinavian countries, their quality in the harsh Scandinavian climate has already proven itself. We recommend repainting wooden elements after 15 years or as soon as the top layers of the paint are noticeably separated, repainting is important for maintaining longevity.



Greenhouse equipment


The set includes: wooden glass wall and roof panels, two roof windows with automatic openers, one door with built-in fittings (handle, lock, hinges), one of your chosen decor sets (Tulip / Sun / Lily / Thunder), installation instructions and installation screws, paint and brush (for painting wooden elements).



Additional assembly options


We offer to additionally complete the greenhouse with shelves, a base frame and rainwater drains.



Delivery and assembly


Classic wooden glass greenhouses SIA “Cerise” manufactures in Latvia and delivers to customers within 4-8 weeks the moment of placing the order, depending on the requirements of the specification. We supply greenhouse ready – made walls and roof panel modules that are fully prepared for assembly. Our greenhouses are ready for use after a few hours of work at the installation site, they can be easily assembled by some people without special skills and craftsmanship, only following clear and easy-to-understand installation instructions!



Recommendations for use


In order for the greenhouse to have a long service life and not to damage its visual appearance and quality, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations for use:
  • Do not carry out manual reconstruction of greenhouse structures and do not damage the structures and elements of the greenhouse frame, as well as do not perform paint removal and sanding.
  • Maintain the air exchange and microclimate inside the greenhouse without blocking the ventilation openings and roof windows, including window automation.
  • Monitor the technical and visual condition of the greenhouse and, if necessary, take additional painting work in accordance with the paint system used to prevent further damage to the wood.
  • Only install the greenhouse in places that are not in the immediate vicinity of water, it is not possible to flood the substrate and keep the substrate in moisture or water.



Greenhouse application


The greenhouse is intended for installation in household areas as an architectural element of the facility. Intended use – greenhouse / orangery for ornamental plants, herbs, berries, vegetables, etc. for cultivation and incl. for leisure.

Remember, the more gently you treat the greenhouse, the longer it will serve you!