Interior greening

I offer to create the interior of houseplants to:

• restaurants
• cafes
• hotels
• offices
• solemn events

Regular indoor plant sitting, replacement to new ones

• if the plant or composition is bothering you,


• if the replacement is necessary for other reasons (for example plant is languishing),


• if there is a celebration and striking interior is needed etc.


At the meeting time both plants are offered – local and imported from Holland.

Exclusive offer:

Do you want to grow herbs in the kitchen, but lack
place? I offer such a vertical “plant painting” in a wooden frame.

Originally invented by the Amish community in Indiana, and it is designed so that fresh twigs of herbs can be pinched at any time during the preparation of a meal.

The vertical design will give a modern but in it
at the same time a country atmosphere for the kitchen or dining room. Each plant receives sufficient moisture. Excess water is collected in a tray that is easy to remove. Now we make similar ones in Latvia as well.